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Community News
Pen Pals from around Quebec
Mystery Theatre
The Story of Artifacts
Book Club
Learn about what is going on in different school communities around Quebec.
Visit our site that shows how we have been getting to know each other.
Be entertained as you listen to an old style radio show. You never know what to expect.
What is valued to you and why?
What books would you recommend we read? What characters are interesting?

Our First Activity

Create a Logo for our Connections QC3 site.
Using any tool that you would like, have your class create a logo that we might use for our site. Within your class, have small groups create a logo and then choose the best one to upload to the site for our collaborative groups to vote on.
Teachers! For further details and discussion and the process, visit the LEARN dotplan site and register.

Class Logos
Radio Station Jingles


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