St. Johns Elementary School
(Grade 3)
Ms. Verreault's Class
St. Lambert Elementary School
(Grade 2-3)
Mme VĂ©ronique's Class
St. Lambert Elementary School
Ms. Debbie's Music Class
Honore Mercier
School (GR.4)
Ms Patricia's Class
Michelangelo School
Miss Mary's Class
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HI Everyone, Here's some feedback from our Tuesday, Jan 25th session.

Maria - her students are working in pairs, they have done their research(on various people) and will be starting Blabberizing next week.

Patricia - her students are half done in their research(on various people), and will start Blabberizing in about 2 weeks.

Debbie - is working with the LA teacher, their students have done their research on famous musicians and they too will be starting the Blabberizing next week.

Veronique was sick - can you let us know where you are at please? I did write it on the discussion board on the Sakai portal...I've just started since I had a big project going on until a couple of weeks ago. So here we go...

Michelle had trouble connecting - can you let us know where you are at as well please? I've been posting updates on the discussion forum as I've been going along. If you would like to see our work, please refer to our biography page. I've made a link for three of the groups and will make a link to Maria and Patricia's page as well.

This group is on a roll - things are getting done and some of you might have an example to show us on the 18th of February! Good Job!!!

February 18th, 2011:

1. We have helped Maria and Patricia access Sakai and the BCT website so that they can participate in our discussions and post their students' work.

2. We've decided to post a discussion question related to our projects. That means there will be 5 questions posted by the end of next week. When we return from March break, we will ask some students to respond to these questions. These questions will be posted on the discussion page. A few answers have been posted already.

3. Once all the Blabberizing projects are uploading, we will invite our students to view the projects and comment on them.