BCT-RSB Network (Riverside School Board)

October 19, 2012
First BCT-RSB F2F meeting 2012-2013

Edtech Video (Tech Commandments)

Time to Explore and Learn New tools together: The inquiry process Using the iPad
(by Karen Rye)
  • How can we continue to build this community of teachers?
  • If collaboration is one of the most important 21st century skills, then what does it mean to collaborate?
  • How do we build an active learning community?

1. Planning: Asking Questions- Using Popplet
2. Investigating: Using Notes
3. Creating: Using one of the following tools
  • Puppet Pals - This app allows you to choose characters ad backgrounds to create and record your own puppet show. You can record your voice and control the characters. Your finished play can be exported as a movie file. (Led by Roxanne)
  • Book Creator - Learn how to create your own book on the ipad by using photos, audio and video. Share the stories with ibook or email. (Led by Chrissy)
  • Voicethread - Learn how to create and share conversations around images. (Led by Vero)
  • Educreations Interactive Whiteboard - Learn how to turn your ipad into a recordable whiteboard. Great for creating video tutorials that can easily be shared. (Led by Deborah)
  • iMovie - This is a fast and easy way to create videos to help tell a story. You can easily integrate video, still images and music. (Led by Karen)
  • Comic Life - Create a comic strip using your images and adding speech balloons. (led by Michelle)
  • Garage Band - This app allows you to create your own music, record a podcst and then export it to share with others. (Led by Jillian)

4. Sharing: Using the Portal Community, creating a QR code

June 4, 2012
Third BCT-RSB F2F meeting

January 19, 2012
Second BCT-RSB F2F meeting

[Video] ICT Integration into Classroom at St John's School

October 24, 2011
First BCT-RSB F2F meeting