BCT Network 2011-2012

In 2011-2012, the objectives for the members of the BCTN as a community of practice are as follows:
  • To encourage the use of QEP-based, ICT-supported learning in classroom and online settings,
  • To encourage the creation, implementation and evaluation of new activities, projects and practices based on ICT-supported learning principles,
  • To facilitate the learning, use and evaluation of ICT-supported learning tools,
  • To provide professional learning opportunities within and across schools to share and reflect on ICT-supported teaching-learning activities supported by a community of practice.

Organizational Structure for the BCT Network 2011-2012

1. BCT Network Steering Committee:

  • Vincent Tanguay (CEFRIO)
  • Michael Canuel (LEARN)
  • Bev White (LEARN)
  • BCT Network Leadership Team

2. BCT Network Leadership Team:

3. BCT-RSB Network Leadership Team:

  • Karen Rye
  • Veronique Lemay
  • Michelle Verreault
  • BCT Network Leadership Team

4. BCT-SWLSB Network Leadership Team:

  • Nancy Bennett
  • Peter Bilodeau
  • Tim Foreman
  • BCT Network Leadership Team

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