BCT Project 2010-2011

The major goals of the BCT project in 2010-2011 were to:
  • Build an online community of practice to support collaboration across Quebec
  • Facilitate the just-in-time use of ICT tools and eventually include students in collaborative projects
  • Understand the challenges and constraints teachers face in facilitating the use of ICT-supported learning
  • Encourage professional conversations amongst teachers and educational leaders within the BCT community of practice

BCT Project Leadership 2010-2011

BCT Project Leadership was implemented to facilitate ongoing communication and collaboration among participating teachers and principals as follows:
The BCT Leadership Team involves in the planning, monitoring and ongoing development of the project, including the face-to-face sessions and online activities.

The Cycle Group Leaders facilitate and coordinate the teachers’ activities in each Cycle Network including teachers who are teaching in Cycles 1, 2, and 3. Participating teachers in each Cycle Network are encouraged to ask and answer questions online, discuss issues related to activities in their classrooms, participate in capacity building activities in their network, and share resources and strategies.
  • Cycle 1 Leader: Veronique Lemay, St. John’s School, Riverside School Board
  • Cycle 2 Leader: Marie-Helen Goyetche, Arundel School, Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board
  • Cycle 3 Leader: Karen Rye, St. John’s School, Riverside School Board
The BCT Coordinating Committee provides strategic direction and operational support for the project.
  • Vincent Tanguay (CEFRIO)
  • Michael Canuel (LEARN)
  • Bev White (LEARN)
  • BCT Leadership Team

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