ABC Project

Grosse Ile School's Kindergarten Christmas ABCs
Our class has completed our voicethread on our Christmas ABC project. We really enjoyed it! Here is the link:

Mrs. Lynch's grade one completed their Creature ABC book. We read lots of ABC books and practiced beginning sounds while doing this project. What do you think of our book? We hope you will add your comments and tell us other animals that could begin with the ABCs. Thanks.

Grenville Elementary School Pre-Kindergarten ABC Book

Here is our ABC book using the first letters in our name. We love learning our letters and are excited to hear your comments on our book. It was funny to hear our own voice talking through the SMART Board, we really laughed! We can't wait to see your books and make comments. Enjoy!

Here is Miss Anna's Voicethread !Feel free to comment on their work.

Here is Madame Nancy's Voicethread. La classe de maternelle de Madame Nancy.

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